2019 Japan Trip!


Greetings all,

Yes it is that time of year again. The season where, despite enjoying  a long period of relative financial and career stability, I find myself unable to resist scratching that pesky itch that just won’t  go away. Yes people, I do of course mean to say that I will be traveling to Japan again this year.

I have my sights set on October, and my intended length of stay is going to be about 1 month. What I will be doing there is yet to be specifically considered, I have however come up with a general outline with the three following goals in mind:


Having become incredibly tired with the banality of my current work projects, I have decided to set out on the goal of meeting as many new people as possible, and introducing them to the benefits, possible practical applications of my services.


I will update this post with more information as it becomes decided.



FechiFes was a blast!

Greetings. Here are my pictures from Fechifes a few weeks back.

The people there were really friendly and outgoing which made an awkward guy like me feel a little out of place. However, I was able to overcome my fear of talking to strangers if it meant meeting my favorite Japanese AV star Yurika.

I had a chance to speak with her briefly and she was just the best! Very funny, kind, and of course, a booty that could easily turn any man into a BBW lover.


She even let me snag this signed polaroid picture with my head between her wonderful thighs

Needless to say, this one’s going in the album!!


New Translation coming. Also T-shirts

Greetings, I just finished the script and am waiting on the editing to me done for my next translation “The lazy older brother and his brother’s wife” In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of an interesting shirt I found at a second hand store.



Real shirts too much for you? Then I’ve got just the thing! This tie represents the fashion aspect of a T-shirt in a way that doesn’t require that you actually wear one. IMG_0318.JPG

New Translation “Love Love Coaching “


Marui Maru yet again stuns us with the jelly-like roundness of his characters in this chapter from Muchi Muchi Cream Pie. This is the third chapter from this book that I have translated, and I consider it my second favorite.

Midorigi Ai, a former well renowned baseball coach struggles with trying to remember her past. Eventually she remembers the “coaching” she did and then finds closure by having sex with the local little league team.

Read the whole chapter here

Technobreak Nakano





The self called “shitty subculture shop. Open 24 hours in the shopping center known as Nakano broadway just outside Nakano Station Tokyo. This laid back shop will sell anything sub culture junkies are willing to offer them. This can mean T shirts, accessories, toys (both kinds)







In addition to shopping they will often host events where you can meet actresses, authors or models